Next Crypto to Hit $1 in 2024

next crypto to hit 1$

The cryptocurrency market is poised for exponential growth in 2024 on the back of a confluence of positive macro factors, including the Bitcoin halving cycle, rising institutional adoption, and favorable regulatory outlook. In such a bullish environment, many crypto tokens have the potential to surge multifold in value.

Reaching the psychologically significant $1 mark is a major milestone for cryptocurrencies, conferring greater legitimacy in a space where reputation and perception play an outsized role. For traders and investors, these sub-$1 crypto tokens offer asymmetrical risk-reward propositions for life-changing gains.

Let’s explore some top contenders among penny cryptos that could realistically reach $1 by 2024.

Low Market Cap Cryptos

Cryptocurrencies with relatively low market capitalizations have greater growth potential compared to large-cap coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. By virtue of their small size, low market cap coins can demonstrate explosive price upside with a surge in demand.

A market cap below $50 million typically signals promising entry points for undervalued gems before their eventual breakout. Let’s explore three sub-$1 crypto contenders with modest valuations but sizable upside prospects.

Meme Kombat (MK)

Meme Kombat (MK) is an ultra-low market cap meme coin with a current valuation of $4.5 million. It combines the hype-potential of the meme coin sector with real gaming utility through its upcoming Play-to-Earn metaverse.

The project already raised over $4.3 million in presales as crypto influencers like Crypto Tony invested heavily after vetting and approving the fully doxxed dev team.

With meme popularity, gaming rewards through fighting battles, and credible developers, MK checks all the boxes for a meme coin targeting $1 in 2024.

Sponge V2

Following the raging success of its predecessor, Sponge V2 (SPONGEV2) launches with vast improvements to capture Web3 hype. The project already peaked at $100 million previously before resetting progress to build a larger ecosystem.

Exchange listings on major platforms like OKX and Bitget could catapult Sponge V2 to its former glory. $SPONGE holders can opt to convert holdings to V2 version. With credentials of 100x potential, SPONGEV2 has its sights set for $1.

Wall Street Memes

Wall Street Memes (WSM) emerges from the world-renowned Wall Street Bets community on Reddit which upended markets in early 2021. So the meme coin is fueled by one of the largest trading communities globally.

WSM achieved a peak market cap of $60 million with support from celebrity crypto whales and a dedicated dev team that steered previous slam dunks. The DAO-governed project launches intriguing features covering staking, gaming, and more viability drivers en route to $1.

Established Cryptos Close to $1

More established cryptocurrencies also stand a strong chance of crossing the $1 finish line in 2024, given their mainstream traction and adoption already setting solid foundations. Some have come tantalizingly close in previous bull runs. Let’s analyze two veterans nearly breaching the threshold last time around.


XRP forms the nucleus of cross-border payment settlement network Ripple used extensively by international financial institutions. Currently ranked #6 on CoinMarketCap and backed by one of the largest crypto companies, XRP touched $0.75 in the previous bull market frenzy.

With the SEC lawsuit now in the rearview mirror and a clean bill of regulatory health, the path looks clear for XRP doubling from its all-time high and hitting $1.45 in 2024 as real-world utility gains steam.


The OG meme coin has captured public imagination since 2013 but truly broke into the mainstream when the world’s richest man Elon Musk christened himself the ‘Dogefather’. His consistent social media pumping helped DOGE come remarkably close to $1, topping out at $0.73 in 2021.

With the Tesla/X CEO making another bid to acquire the social media giant he intensely favors, expect Doge integrations like the DOGE-funded Blue subscription service to help the largest meme coin make another dash towards $1 under the influential billionaire’s stewardship.

Major Cryptos with Upside to hit $1

Beyond the penny cryptos and near-miss contenders covered earlier, some relatively large cryptocurrencies stand ready to reach the $1 mark as upside potential abounds during the next bull run frenzy.

Cardano (ADA)

As one of the most actively developed blockchains, Cardano has strong fundamentals with a rich ecosystem of decentralized apps and real use cases. ADA has fluctuated near the $1 region historically, even crossing $3 during peak exuberance in 2021.

With founder Charles Hoskinson dedicated to intensive research-based growth and network adoption through various partnerships, ADA looks primed to sustain above $1 in 2024. The stigma of being a “forever promising” chain looks set to disappear finally.

Stellar Lumens

Stellar Lumens (XLM) facilitates low-cost remittances and cross-border transactions through its extensive network reach leveraging digitalized financial assets. Having treaded near $1 in the past with a respectable market cap, Stellar looks poised to fulfill its payment network potential.

Recent collaborations with money transfer giants like MoneyGram to utilize blockchain rails bodes well for real traction. As traditional finance taps into crypto’s transactional efficiency, Stellar seems ready to anchor above $1 on an infrastructure level as enterprise adoption accelerates.

Factors That Could Lead to $1

Multiple macroeconomic developments on the horizon could fuel an emphatic crypto bull run with enough momentum to catapult more cryptocurrencies to the coveted $1 level and beyond. Let’s analyze two primary catalysts.

Bitcoin Halving

The next Bitcoin halving event, expected in April 2024, will reduce block rewards by 50% overnight. With only 6.25 BTC rewarded per block against the current 12.5 BTC, new supply drops drastically.

Increased Scarcity

The halving introduces extreme scarcity to Bitcoin’s stock-to-flow dynamics, triggering appreciation as demand outpaces availability based on past events. The previous two halvings catalyzed BTC’s meteoric bull runs.

Higher Prices

Based on growth models, Bitcoin could trade between $200,000 to $400,000 by end-2024. As the tide lifts all boats in crypto, such exponential BTC price hikes usually elevate altcoins even higher, making $1 seem modest..

SEC Crypto Regulation

ETF Approvals

The likelihood of the SEC greenlighting several spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in 2023 remains high after nearly a decade of rejections. This could attract billions in inflows almost instantly from institutional investors and retirement accounts given the lower barriers.

Institutional Investment

With the validation of government-regulated investment vehicles investing directly in Bitcoin, adoption in the wider financial services ecosystem could accelerate tremendously. More coffers opening would spill over to bluechip altcoins and speculative favorites like meme coins as happened in early 2021.

Top Features to Look For

Determining crypto projects with the highest probability of breaching $1 requires assessing and optimizing for crucial traits that enable such meteoric ascents. These desirable attributes span fundamentals, community fervor, and market dynamics.

Strong Fundamentals

The bedrock for impactful cryptocurrencies lies in the tangible utility and real-world value provided by the underlying platform and token. Key aspects include:

Use Cases

Verified applicability across areas like DeFi, NFT gaming, transactions, etc. establishes actual demand drivers beyond speculation that feeds sustained growth.

Technology Benefits

Beneficial capabilities such as scalability, security, speed, and decentralization differentiate leading protocols geared for mass usage as limitations get addressed.

Engaged Communities

Vibrant communities represent crucial launch pads that can propel crypto adoption and token values to unprecedented heights. Signs to track include:

Social Media Buzz

Highly vocal followers and influencers consistently spreading awareness through trending hashtags, tweets, videos, etc. signal strong retail interest.

Whale Investments

Blockchain whales buying up tokens in bulk signifies informed smart money flowing in based on growth prospects and community momentum identified by seasoned VCs. This massively ratchets up price floors.


The stars seem aligned for the next phase of exponential growth in the cryptocurrency market, as presaged by bullish indicators across the board. Various structural improvements incoming in 2023 set the stage for broader adoption and participation in 2024.

Against this favorable macro backdrop, several crypto tokens seem poised to achieve the important psychological $1 price point on the back of renewed trader enthusiasm and real-world validity. We explored various contenders across the market cap spectrum WITH the potential combination of factors required for this breakout.

Our research uncovered a diverse range of DeFi platforms, community-driven networks, and scalability solutions IN the running to capitalize on untapped niche demand to power our picks to $1 stardom.

CryptocurrencyKey DriversBarriersVerdict
Meme KombatGaming utility, meme popularity, reputed developersNeeds exchange listings, unproven tokenomicsHigh probability
DogecoinFame, hype, Elon Musk linksNeeds major adoption, seen as joke coinGood probability
XRPCross-border payments, regulatory clarityControversies around centralizationDecent probability
Table: Next Crypto to Hit $1 in 2024

Early action based on identifying such promising underdogs IN their infancy stages BEFORE wider discovery could help risk-savvy investors pinpoint the next Shiba Inu-esque breakout stars of 2023. By allocating judiciously to a portfolio of cryptos COVERING varied use cases and adoption pipelines, sufficient bases get covered TO catch the actual shooting stars delivering outsized ROI as the space evolves based on utility.

The looming crypto spring offers fertile terrain for 100x gains on fundamental innovators and community-run ecosystems entering the limelight after organic growth spurts. Backing the right horse early IN the high-stakes crypto derby could determine financial freedom for canny investors.

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